ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Reflect for Social Change

With an objective to facilitate women take leadership role in decision making and owning productive resources, ActionAid has set up many reflect centers in different parts of the country. 

The reflect centers provide women a platform to get together and reflect on different aspects of their lives. 

These centers also catalyze women related development initiatives which include strengthening livelihood skills and enabling social mobilization.

In South Punjab, a reflect center is known as Traimat Sanjh. A local resource person particularly a young educated girl is responsible to coordinate all activities of the center. 

Apart from seeking informal education, women come here to share their stories of success and suffering.

This has been observed that reflect centers inspire women to hold debates and discussions on social, political, cultural and economic issues affecting their lives.  

13 years old Tamdeeh, a member of reflect centre from Kot Adu (LRP-30) says,

“My mother is an active participant of Reflect Centre established by ActionAid in collaboration with Hirrak Development Centre (HDC). She inspired me to become the part of human rights based campaigns.

During child message collection, I draw different sketches to express my feelings. I also take part in theater performance.

On receiving theater training, I participated in performance on the importance of girl’s education, child labor and child marriage.”

She added, “Traimit Sanjh is a great platform for rural women to highlight their issues and build social relationship with civil society networks and other line departments.

Due to this behavioral change, the trend of girls’ education in my village has increased. Now besides me, 10 other girls have also taken admission in high school.

I think this is our significant achievement to set an example for girls of our area.”