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Women’s Right to Land

ActionAid Pakistan prioritizes women for social development particularly in terms of women economic empowerment. Women’s right to land is the most important area of intervention for ActionAid and its local partners.

ActionAid Pakistan has already launched a campaign for women’s right to land. In this regards, two meetings were conducted with women parliamentarians including Shahla Raza, Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Women Development Department Sindh.

In these meetings, a study report on Government Land Distribution Program was shared along with key findings and recommendations for next phase of land distribution.

During the meeting, it was also discussed that land allotment to landless women farmers proved to bring a significant change in terms of their social status and economic conditions. 

This initiative eventually enabled women to ensure their increased participation in decision making at house hold level.

Women Development Department team appreciated the efforts of ActionAid and promised to expedite the process of ensuring right to land to all landless women of Sindh.

Ms.Shahla Raza said,

“This is our commitment and we have reserved budget for land distribution among landless women farmers, so hopefully we will start it soon in the best interest of public.”