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Sindh Province

Sindh is also locally known as the "Mehran". The name is derived from the Indus River that courses through it. (Also locally known as Sindh River). The main language spoken is Sindhi. In Sindh province, we are working in 5 districts, namely Badin, Shahdadkot, Umer Kot , Chachro and Thatta.

  1. District Badin in partnership with  Badin Rural Development Society (BRDS)
  2. District Shahdad kot in partnership with  NGOs Development Society (NDS)
  3. District Umer Kot in partnership with  Saami Foundation (SF).
  4. Chachro (District Tharparkar) in partnership with  Association for water, applied education and renewal of energy (AWARE)
  5. District Thatta in partnership with  Aasthan Latif Welfare Society