Iman Amareen

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 13:53

Iman Amareen, a 32-year old Palestinian woman living in Jala village west of Hebron. She has 4 children and is expecting a fifth soon. Iman lived in a refugee camp and then moved with her parents to Hebron city; she moved to Jala after she got married and she has been living there since.

Jala is a small village, inhabited by around 500 people. It is an isolated entity in terms of roads and communication. The road to Jala is partially paved and access to the village is limited to a transportation system that is comprised of two taxis only. The village lacks a number of basic services including a health centre and a proper school.

Although she seems happy with her marriage, Iman is not happy with living in Jala. She feels that she has been isolated from the outer world and that she wants to live closer to the city and where the “noise” is. For her, living in Jala is challenging and the cause of infinite worries.

One of her concerns is the fact that the village does not have a medical centre. For a mother of four, who happens to be pregnant that is not ideal. She recalled an incident that happened recently when a 12-year-old kid passed away because the ambulance could not be there on time and she feels that this should not be the case.

Iman was very enthusiastic about the opportunity of being part of the women’s group that is being formed with the support of ActionAid. She believes that it is a step towards fulfilling some of their potential as women and mothers who lead such difficult lives.

ActionAid has been implementing a number of human rights based community projects with a goal towards empowering women groups and raising awareness in relation to their rights to enable them to advocate for these rights. ActionAid has adopted a participatory approach in order to assist those groups in pinpointing their priorities and needs while guiding them through a process of change to achieve their community goals.

Iman is a women with a lot of potential, open minded, and an optimist. She aspires for a better future, a better life for her family and the coming baby. She hopes to live in a society that is open to the world and that one day, Jala can be actually connected.

She hopes that one day she would have a job or even her own project saying that she would do “anything”.