The Most Vulnerable

Sunday, January 31, 2016 - 22:50

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the consequences of the 2014 Israeli war which left over 2000 dead and 100,000 Gazans displaced. ActionAid began an emergency programme with a number of local partners in Gaza.

The programme included a number of psychosocial and economic support projects to aid some of the most affected people in marginalized and extremely poor communities. 

One of the people aided through the programme was a 37 year old woman from Rafah.  She has been entrenched in poverty most of her life; She is a mother of five and she was divorced due to her ex-husband’s unending abuse. 

She said “I was very happy to be supported [by the project]; it gave me a glimmer of hope”.

She received a sewing machine and raw materials to start generating income. She commented “now I have a small project, I am so proud that I have become a productive woman in the society. I can secure food to my children. I have a bank account and I am saving money for my children and the future.  I am working all the time and I have produced different types of embroideries”.

“My monthly income is about 500 ILS, the project helped me a lot, and gave me a chance to prove myself. Now I have a job, before I had nothing.”

My products are sold in a number of local shops but I am planning to further promote them. I was even invited to participate in a big exhibition.”

She happily said “together with another woman, we established small scale project. She provided the place and I provided all materials and sewing machines that I received from ActionAid. I am happy I helped another woman to start her dream as well.

We are dreaming to enlarge and develop our business and to promote our products effectively.

We thank everyone who supported and encouraged us to be stronger and more resilient.