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The International Girl´s Day was established by the United Nations, as to raise awareness of the world about the need for protection of female children in a context where 31 million girls in the primary school worldwide and 34 million with the secondary school age are not attending school.

The date was celebrated for the first time in Mozambique on the 11th October 2012 where various Civil Society Organizations promoting advocacy for change towards the integral development of girls in an environment where 66% of girls aged 16-17 are out of school.

In 2013, AAMOZ along with its partners at national level and in the districts of Marracuene, Manhiça Maganja da Costa, Mocuba, Pebane and Montepuez, under the slogan "Innovating for the education of girls" developed various actions with the following objectives:

  • Dissemination of the date within the communities;
  • Joint reflection on access, retention and completion of education for girls;
  • Raise the parents and guardians awareness on the need to prioritize girls' education equally as the boys’.

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