Annual Report 2013 - ActionAid International

This year saw significant wins for marginalised people and communities who successfully pushed for public policies to promote their rights and reduce poverty and inequality.

ActionAid’s way of working believes that an end to poverty and injustice can be achieved through purposeful individual and collective action, led by people living in poverty, supported by solidarity and campaigning that addresses the structural causes of poverty.

The restrictions on our work by repressive regimes and attempts to intimidate campaigners in some locations, and the alarming rise in women’s rights violations, both challenged and highlighted the need for our human rights based approach.

This is our commitment - to root all we do in the basic belief that to end poverty, people’s economic, social and human rights must be respected, especially women’s rights. We celebrate some examples of this throughout this report.

The following pages give a flavour of how this work went, and how the financial support and solidarity so generously given by our dedicated supporters made a difference. For this we give our heartfelt thanks to all.


Watch our web documentary about some of the stories of change from our work in 2013: