Toolkit to address the interlinkages: Economic Security, Bodily Integrity and Unpaid Care Work for Young Urban Women

In order to simplify the understanding of the inter-linkages between economic security, bodily integrity and unpaid care, the Young Urban Women project has now developed a toolkit which has built on the experiences of project implementation and research findings. It breaks them down to develop simple yet meaningful and practical participatory tools and exercises in a manner that will be used as an empowering tool primarily for young women and secondarily for NGO practitioners at the community levels.

In particular, the tool-kit is specially written in a language that’s youth-friendly and is written in a manner aimed at ensuring that young women from across the global south are able to utilise the tool-kit to the fullest.  It is aimed at both the communities of young women and ActionAid’s partners and can be used for community capacity building on how inter-linkages play out in reality in the lives of young women. It has a number of simplified and practical tools that cover a variety of participatory methods relevant and adaptable to the diverse country contexts.

The toolkit presents an easy to use reference with a step-by-step and practical instructions in how to apply the various participatory methods, with further summary notes regarding when to apply the method, how to organize the sessions, how to capture the information, and advantages and limitations of the methods, etc.