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ActionAid Bangladesh team wowed by ActionAid Rwanda achievements

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 12:20

“I wish I could stay here for a whole year to study the way ActionAid Rwanda implements its policies. I am so impressed by your hard work that the staff puts into serving the community,” Ahmad Ibn Salim, the FLOW Project Officer, ActionAid Bangladesh.

Ahmad Ibn Salim is part of a team of 5 people that visited ActionAid Rwanda from the Power Project in Bangladesh. This team also comprised of two representatives of the rural women farmer cooperatives in Bangladesh as well as ActionAid’s International POWER Project Coordinator, Christina Kwangwari who coordinates ActionAid’s FLOW project in four countries; Ghana, Rwanda, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This team was in Rwanda on an exchange learning trip organized between the two countries.

The team traveled to districts where the POWER Project is implemented including Karongi, Musanze, Nyanza and Gisagara. They also visited partner organizations like Tubibe Amahoro, and FVA (Faith Victory Association).

One of the places they visited was Gitesi sector, Karongi district where they visited one of the small holder farmer cooperatives that receives support from ActionAid Rwanda called Tuzamure Agaseke Cooperative that has managed to attain a maize milling plant.

Speaking to the visitors; Esperance Nyirahabiyambere the President of the Cooperative spoke of the impact of owning the mill, remarking that it reduces the expenses of having to travel to grind their maize in Kigali. She also noted that having a maize mill has empowered them as business women thus helping them get out of poverty and providing the people of Gitesi employment.

 “I am always impressed at the great work that ActionAid Rwanda does. But it’s always great to go to the project areas to hear and view for yourself the transformative change that the POWER project has caused in rural women small holder farmer lives. Seeing the joy on their faces; It’s everything.”  Kwangwari remarked.

They also visited the Early Childhood Development center in Gitesi where they met and spoke to the ECD staff and parents on the positive impact the ECD has had towards reducing on Unpaid care work.

 POWER Project Manager, Anatole Uwiragiye lauded the learning visit initiative and promised to return the courtesy soon.