ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

About us

ActionAid Rwanda is a country program of ActionAid, an international anti-poverty agency working in over 40 countries, taking sides with poor, voiceless people, communities and with like-minded partners worldwide to end poverty and injustice together.

ActionAid is a non-partisan, non-religious development organization that has been working in Rwanda as a full country programme since 1997 to eradicate poverty and injustices with focus on tackling the root causes of poverty rather than just meeting people’s immediate needs.

We believe in doing things differently. We know that with the right opportunities, poor people will find their own solutions - and build new lives.

ActionAid Rwanda is a non-political, non-religious organisation that has been working in the country since the early eighties to end poverty and injustice.

We are part of the ActionAid global family, an anti-poverty agency working with the poorest communities in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to end poverty and injustice.

We reach out to the poorest and most vulnerable people in Rwanda to help them fight for and gain their rights to services such as food, shelter, work, education and healthcare and give them a voice in the decisions that affect their lives as part of our long-term commitment to work with the socially and economically disadvantaged.

People are at the heart of our Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)- we put people first and work collaboratively to create a powerful movement for lasting change. We recognise people’s strength and capability as active agents of change, locally, nationally and globally.

It is ‘people in poverty’ - women, men, young people and children - who draw on their own ‘power’ to drive change and determine how change should happen. We connect and support them to organise and advocate for their human rights as the best way to challenge governments and eradicate poverty and injustice.

 We believe that ‘The Power in People’ is without question central to our theory of change at both a federation and individual country level. It is also evident in our organisational values, which are at the heart of everything we do - our values are re-stated in the strategy digest for good measure together with our vision and mission.

 ActionAid Rwanda has since been an integral part of Rwandan civil society and is engaged in poverty eradication programmes through a rights-based approach in the key strategic priorities evolving around the following strategic objectives:

  • Improve the quality of public education for girls and boys equally and support youth to become drivers of change in their communities.
  • Support People living in poverty have access to sustainable agriculture and secure livelihood alternatives.
  • Empower women and girls to build social and economic   alternatives that enable them break the cycle of poverty, violence and control over their bodies.

The organization is primarily concerned with the promotion and defense of economic, social, cultural, civil and political human rights.

Employing staff, the organization supports activities and programmes that promote the interests of poor and the voiceless at all levels. ActionAid Rwanda work and thinking are governed by the perspectives and aspirations of poor and the voiceless.

Our Vision

A Country without poverty and injustice in which every person enjoys their right to a life of dignity

Our Mission

We work with people living in poverty with focus on women and girls to eradicate poverty and injustice.

Our Values:

Courage of conviction - We are committed to be open, creative and constructively engage without fear - in pursuit of making the greatest possible impact on the causes of poverty.

Mutual respect - We recognize and appreciate the inherent value of each human being and the significance of diversity.

Equity and justice – We work to ensure that all people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, location political affiliations, social class, health status, religion, sexual orientation have fair and equal opportunity.

Humility - In all our actions and behavior, we acknowledge and recognize that we are a part of a wider alliance against poverty and injustice.

Honesty and transparency - We are committed being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions and open in judgments and communications with others.

Solidarity with the people Living in Poverty (Women, Children and Youth) -   In fight against poverty we align ourselves with powerless, marginalized and excluded to empower them to be the drivers of change.

Independence – Our approaches and actions are free from any religious or party political affiliation.