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With 485 school desks, children now learn in comfort

Many children skipped school because classrooms lacked basic equipment like desks and benches

“We now sit only two children per bench, for a bench designed for two! We used to be five to one bench, so we couldn’t write well. Many children in my class did not like coming to school because some of us would have to sit on the floor or on cut tree trunks; this meant we also didn’t have a desk to write on,” explained 13-year-old Eric, a pupil at Gikoro Primary School.

 ActionAid has provided 485 desks to three primary schools in Shingiro – Gikoro, Nyamurimirwa and Muhingo. These desks were accompanied by chairs, tables for teachers and book shelves.

 “I feel very happy with ActionAid’s support. I now have a good seat and I no longer go home dirty from sitting on the floor. I am now attending school every day, and I dream of becoming a doctor because I like to help people.”