ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Where we work

Where we Work

 We work in the most remote rural and most marginalized communities. We go where many do not dare and work.

ActionAid works through a decentralized structure where the Local Rights Programs (LRPs) are principal units of operations. LRPs are geographically focused, integrated programs with long-term programmatic interventions that work closely with communities and rights holders to identify and resolve developmental issues. ActionAid operates in seven LRPs in five districts in three provinces:

  • Northern Province: Shingiro and Muko LRP s in Musanze District
  • Southern Province: Busesamana, Mukingo and Rwabicuma (Nyanza LRP) in Nyanza District, Muganza, Kibirizi and Gishubi (Gisagara LRP) in Gisagara District

Ruheru LRP in Nyaruguru district,

  • Western Province : Gitesi and Murundi LRPs of Karongi district


Constructive engagement with the duty bearers for policy influencing is facilitated by empowering and educating poor people, especially women, youth and children, to challenge power barriers and negotiate their strategic interests/ priorities to end structural causes of poverty, so that they can enjoy life of dignity. This theory of change is informed by our context, the experience we have built over the past years and by this we believe that supporting women and youth to become the agents of change is the only ultimate solution to overcome poverty.

What we do

ActionAid focuses on the people that others forget. People in poverty. People who face discrimination. People whose voices are ignored. We’re not about giving handouts or telling people what to do, because in the long run we know that doesn’t work. Instead, we use our resources, influence and experience to help people find their own solutions. We listen to what people really want and need. We help communities take action together to hold their leaders to account, and we give local organizations our support where they need it. Together, we’re making a lasting difference. We work with people and empower them to demand for the rights. Simple things, like the right to eat. The right to stay on access and own land. To access quality education and to have a say in the decisions that shape their lives.

Our focus in Rwanda is based on 3 key Strategic Objectives:

  • Promote Sustainable Agriculture and livelihood alternatives and access to natural resources
  • Promote Quality of public education for girls and boys and children and youth as drivers of change
  • Ensure that women and girls can break the cycle of poverty and violence, build economic alternatives and claim control over their bodies.
  • All governance related issues around advancing of political influence and social justice, and promotion of accountability and transparency are mainstreamed in our interventions. Also mainstreamed are issues relating to  Disasters and emergencies through Building People’s resilience to Climate change and disasters.

How We Work

We tackle the root causes of poverty

 ActionAid uses Human Rights Based Approach as a programming model to tackle structural causes of poverty and injustice through empowerment, solidarity and campaigning.

Empowerment: Our participatory action-reflection processes with the most excluded groups at local level. These empowerment processes are crucial for building effective mobilization and strategic action, supporting grassroots organizations and strengthening social movements that represent excluded groups and their causes.

 Solidarity: We build and strengthen solidarity by connecting and organizing people committed to a common cause. We link people at the community level, local and national levels; building social movements to address unequal power relations and ensure social justice.

 Campaigning: Campaign and influencing is embedded in our rights-based-approach. Some of the fundamental causes of poverty lie beyond the immediate location or boarders where the effects are felt, and can be addressed by effective campaigns mobilizing people to shift national policies or practices.

 We support communities and partners to use participatory methods to analyse the causes of poverty and injustice and identify solutions through the people engagement. We support capacity development of CBOs and women cooperatives to be able to challenge power, advocate for changes not just in policy and practice, but also in attitudes and behaviors to ensure equal access to basic rights. We support the people to engage in decision making processes and contribute to sustainable economic development to achieve a better life with dignity. ActionAid primary role in the communities is to "walk alongside” community-rooted organizations and agencies in the Local Rights Programme Areas and allies at national and international levels in the fight against poverty and injustice. Children are at the centre of our work and are ambassadors of development.

Being rooted in the community, ActionAid Rwanda is able to link its work across the country, sharing successes and also raising the most pressing concerns of the poorest communities with powerful bodies in order to effect sustainable change.

Who We Work With

We work people living in poverty and exclusion to claim and realize their rights. ActionAid works with communities affected by poverty and exclusion and the organizations that represent them, in the most remote parts of the country. We work with people who are alienated from basic services and rights. We build alliances to promote women’s rights across all our work and children are ambassadors of development in their communities.