ActionAid Nigeria rejects allegations on same sex marriage

The attention of ActionAid Nigeria has been drawn to stories in some newspapers claiming that it “condemned same sex marriage, saying it should not be allowed in Nigeria”. ActionAid Nigeria is stating that this is a misrepresentation of our stand on sexuality rights, arising from the reporter’s misunderstanding of our position.

ActionAid as a rights-based organisation does not discriminate against people based on their sexual identity.

Our organisation is not in sympathy with those who are homophobic. We place human rights at the centre of our development approach and condemn the criminalisation of people because of their sexual orientation.

Every human being is entitled to enjoy the full range of human rights, without fear of discrimination or criminalisation. Criminalising same sex marriage will have adverse effect on other areas of human rights in Nigeria including democratic governance and sustainable development, which cannot take place where groups of people are excluded from enjoying their civil liberties”.

We therefore state that the claim that ActionAid condemns same sex marriage does not represent ActionAid Nigeria’s true working principles.