The flooding in Pakistan has robbed Zainab of hope

With two disabled sons, life was difficult enough for Zainab before the floods left her family homeless. Now she has lost her livestock and her village is completely under water.

First the mudhouses came down in the heavy rain, then the irrigation channels breached. The buildings, infrastructure farmland and crops were all washed away. Zainab’s husband, like the other farm labourers, is now out of work when his family’s need is greatest.

We have become homeless. We don’t have enough food for us. I was planning to take my children to the main hospital located in Karachi for good medical treatment but now I have lost hope. We are struggling to survive and I cannot see my handicapped children starving.

ActionAid have stepped in and provided food, medical supplies and shelter. Zainab is grateful for the help but she is anxious about the future, “My husband [Rainab] is jobless as all the farms are flooded. We don’t know when he will get a job. We needed support to seek medical treatment for our children. But now our needs are multiplied. We are in need of help to provide food to our children, go back to our home once the water level comes down, reconstruct our house and find a new job.”

Zainab and her family used to have a dozen hens and two goats. She was able to save one of the goats but sadly it died of hunger as there was nothing for it to eat.

ActionAid has been working for some time in her village along with our local partner Badin Rural Development Society. With the help of our supporters, we will help Zainab and her family to rebuild their lives.