After a three-hour journey on water from Entebbe we finally arrived at the Sese Islands. Sese Islands are found on Lake Victoria, they comprise of 84 small Islands, these make up Kalagala district in southern Uganda. The activista members are here to share experience with fellow young people and small scale holder farmers especially women  on how they are coping with the effects of climate change, natural disasters, food shortages and high food prices facing the country today.

It's 5pm as the ship approaches the island. From a distance it looked beautiful with green vegetation covering the whole area.  It felt so nice that in my country, there was a place that still had such vegetation cover. How I could not wait to have my first step on the Island. First experience, great so far.

Fresh air, green vegetation!

Very different from the environment in the city center, fresh air green vegetation. This then reminded me of a statement that was made by a friend about his experience in Niger where a 10 minutes speech accumulated sand in his mouth.  That explained why people there covered the whole body. This gave me a moment of gratefulness about where I come from the pearl of Africa but how long will this last?

This is my judgment of the book by the cover yet to discover what is underneath Sese Island after our interface with the inhabitants over the coming days.

Hunger free jourenys.