As we played in the rain our houses were destroyed

Umerkot is one of the worst flood affected districts of Sindh, Pakistan. It is contrary to environmental characteristics of the area that it floods with rainwater. People have constructed their houses on desert mounds that are designed to resist scorching sun heat.

Houses in Umerkot have little capacity to withstand immense rainfall.  Mud and wood are used as major input for house construction. People of this land are famous for performing certain rituals and prayer ceremonies to beseech the rainmaker for rainfall.

"Initially we were very happy for rainfall. We remain deprived of it for years and years. I like rainfall very much. It makes everyone pleased and there is green all around.

I went out with my friends to catch rain drops. I had no idea that it was going to destroy our houses.

"We lost our food stock and livestock too. It shocked me. I could not go to school because our village was surrounded by water from all sides. Water is still there and it is very deep.

Sami Foundation and ActionAid staff reached us through boat. We were very happy to find them with us. They provided us food and other necessary things. Many people including a large number of children are suffering from different diseases like cholera, fever, skin and eye infections. I wish there is medical dispensary in our village so that people can go there for treatment.

Food is not enough for us. My mother and similarly other women take lesser food than other family members. They also remain unwell. Our major worry is shelter. Winter is approaching and we haven’t started reconstructing the damaged house. My parents don’t have cash to do this job’, says Heeri, 10. Heeri is resident of village Ratnor, Union Council Kaplore, Umerkot, Sindh, Pakistan.   

ActionAid Pakistan has initiated initial relief response after conducting rapid need assessment of the emergency hit villages in Umerkot. Situation and needs of floods affectees in Umerkot are different than other parts of the country. Apart from food and non food items, they immediately as much as simultaneously need house reconstruction. Public infrastructure though already scarce is badly damaged and destroyed.