ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Our campaigns

We believe that poor and excluded people are the primary agents of change.

Poverty and injustice can be eradicated only when the poor and excluded are able to take charge of their lives and act to claim their rights.

The focus of all our work is to ensure that the rights of poor and excluded people are respected, promoted, protected and fulfilled as they are our primary stakeholders.


We work with and through like-minded agencies worldwide; undertake research into international policies that affect undeveloped countries and eventually affect the poor and build institutional capacity of the public, private and government sectors, by organising training programmes and exposure visits to promote good governance, accountability and to play an active/supportive role in advocacy related issues.


We also direct unrelenting attention on the responsibility, both of the state and of other powerful institutions and individuals, in respecting, promoting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of poor and excluded people.


We do not work alone but work in partnerships and alliances with poor and excluded people, social movements and other civil society organisations. 


In order to effect change, we engage critically with people, government and institutions whose policies and practices are making or keeping people poor.


However, we are quite aware of the fact that the causes of poverty and injustices often reside outside areas where the worst symptoms are found.


We therefore act against poverty on all fronts, local to international. Our tactics include providing research and evidence, promoting alternatives and running public campaigns.


We do Advocacy and Campaigns for; Farmers rights, especially women, the reversal of unfair trade rules and practices imposed by International Financial Institutions and seek to embed pro-poor development at the centre of the multilateral trading system.


We also campaign for policies and practices that promote food security for people and food sovereignty for the nation, Trade Justice, pro-poor aids policy and the realisation of the millennium declaration of the United Nations.