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Class of hope

Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 12:10

Mukhtar, 11, is a second grade student in Oromo Primary School near Hargeisa. Until November 2014, he used to have his class under the tree.

We sat on stone and used empty jerry-can as our desk. It used to be very hot and windy when the school didn't have proper building and furniture, recalls Mukhtar.

The school didn't have a conducive environment for learning due to lack of shelter. As a result, the students skipped school days when the weather got extreme, thereby impacting attendance. Students stored their stone at their relatives residence near the school and pick it on their way to school.

It was very common that they injured themselves, especially the young ones. "Recurrent conflicts over the stone were frequent. One started to quarrel if someone sat on their stone and often they ended up in a fight”, says Mukhtar.

Now the students in Oromo have a proper class room with required amenities. ActionAid constructed 2 classrooms for Oromo School and furnished with blackboard, desk and chair and office furniture. ActionAid also installed a tank for drinking water and constructed 2 separate toilets for boys and girls.

ActionAid has constructed 11 classroom in 2014 Local Rights Programme (LRP) villages to contribute improving rights in schools to promote school enrolment and maintain retention rates.

Abdirahman Abdilahi Muse, Communication Officer, is the author of this blog.