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Renovated wells bring change

Monday, November 16, 2015 - 08:51

Dry river in Somaliland can break the banks during the rainy season, sweeping away the wells and infrastructures built at the bank. It is common plight of the farmers in the river valley.

I must have repaired the well for more than ten times and every time flood destroyed it, says Mohamed Yusuf Ileye, a farmer from Darasalam (LRP3).

Constructing the well with the use of steel and concrete can be very expensive for most of the farmers. Thus, the poorly build wells are susceptible to reoccurring flood. With the aim to restore the existing wells which was collapsed, ActionAid in support of Italian Cooperation Project, began Agricultural Support Project in 2014. The project plans to construct 67 shallow wells, 35 earth dams and 15 sand dams on water prone areas in Marodijeh and Gabiley Regions identified in cooperation with local communities.

The beneficiary farmers excavate the collapsed well and ActionAid support with construction material, water pump and 100 meter PVC pipe. The new structure is reinforced with concrete rings and covered by concrete slab. The new structures ensure beneficiary farmers supply of water for irrigation throughout the year.

"We also use water for household needs. Even my Neighbours and relatives come to fetch water" tells Ilyese as he prepares to water his fruit trees, which stands as a green oasis against desert backdrop.

Now, Ileye saves significant amount of money which otherwise would have been spent on renovation. Last year he made 500 USD by selling his harvest in the market. “The shallow well has dramatically changed my life. I have better harvest.”.

 Abdirahman Abdilahi Muse, Communication Officer, is the author of this blog.