ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Where we work

ActionAid International Somaliland (AAIS) supports poor and marginalised communities in three of six Somaliland administrative regions: Sanaag, Marodijex and Togdheer to address basic needs in livelihoods, education, women’s empowerment and responding to humanitarian crisis.

AAIS works with seven local partner organisations and government institutions mandated in these sectors to augment the development and social wellbeing in the target areas and Somaliland in general.

In Marodijex region (Gabiley and Hargeysa), AAIS and its partners work with public institutions, CSOs and women coalitions in promoting women’s rights through literacy, access to justice, economic empowerment and political participation.  AAIS also supports rural communities in five districts in women’s rights, crop production, increasing water availability, education and drought risk reduction. In three local rights programmes (LRP), AAIS helps right holders and their institutions to attain and claim their rights through capacity enhancement, integrated projects and building solidarities. In two LRPs, AAIS is direct-operational while the third and oldest is managed by a local partner (Somaliland Hope Association, SOHA). 

In Togdheer region (Owdwyne and Burco), AAIS supports three local partners (Laxmar, TOWPPA and WAAPO) in mobilising local communities, coordinating with other development actors and implementing water, rangeland restoration and women’s rights activities. The water and rangeland activities are targeted to pastoralists to prepare for, mitigate and recover from cyclic droughts. In this region, people mostly rely on rainwater harvesting in underground cisterns, earth ponds and reservoir wells.

In Sanaag region (Ceel Afwyn and Ceerigaabo), the remotest and least accessible regions in the country, AAIS has been supporting peace building, water availability since 1992. AAIS also assists women coalitions in urban and pre-urban through literacy, economic empowerment, access to justice and participation in decision making. Solidarity Community Development Organisation (SCDO) is main partner in that region with wide representation from all social groups.  

At national level, AAIS and partners have robust relations with the public institutions and other development actors. We actively participate in coordination meetings, campaigns and other policy influencing activities. Currently, AAIS is working with civil society organisations and human rights activities to securing a quota for women participation in national parliament.