ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Country Strategy 2013-2017

Action Towards Social Justice

Strategic objective 1:  Ensure that women in Somaliland break the cycle of exclusion, access to justice, and control and own productive resources.

Promise 1: By 2017 we will have empowered 25,000 women through mobilization and awareness creation in women political participation and other decision making forums.

Promise 2: By 2017 we will have improved economic alternatives for 10,600 women to create economic, social and political space for them. 

Strategic objective 2: Build the resilience of people living in poverty to conflicts and disasters and respond to disasters with rights-based alternatives. 

Promise 3: We will have built effective risk reduction and resilience system (Early warning systems, policies) with 65 communities & 5 government institutions by 2017. 

Promise 4: By 2017, we will have supported 375,000 people affected by drought, conflict and floods within the HRBA framework and support livelihood recovery.

Promise 5: We will have promoted the rights of women and children in disasters and emergencies along with other vulnerable members.

Strategic objective 3: Promote economic alternatives for small holder farmers, with particular emphasis on women and pastoralists.

Promise 6:  By 2017, 12,650 small holder farmers out of which 6,325 are women will be food secure.

Promise 7: By 2017, 250,000 pastoralists and small holder farmers of which 50% are women will have access to water for human, livestock and irrigation in Local Rights Programme and other project areas.

Promise 8:  By 2017 farmers from the 4 LRP will have vibrant platforms to confront duty bearers and influence policies.

Strategic objective 4: Improve the quality of primary education, women literacy and youth empowerment.

Promise 9:   We will have supported 40 primary schools in the Local Rights Programme by equipping teachers with child-centred teaching methods, enhancing learning environment and capacity of the school management institutions by end of 2017.

Promise 10: We will have increased literacy and numeracy skills of 9,000 women and out of school girls and their access to information by 2017

Promise 11: We will have increased 20% girls enrolment in 40 primary schools in the Local Rights Programme by 2017 (will be updated after baseline in the LRPs).

Promise 12: We will have economically empowered 10 active youth organizations and as agent of social change in collaboration with national youth umbrella and Ministry of Youth and Cultural Affairs.