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Team ActionAid SA: Yolanda Mangesi #Run4Rights

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 13:04

Yolanda is from the Eastern Cape, but considers herself a ‘child of the African continent’, since most of her family is from Ghana and because she has lived and worked in a few counties across the continent. She currently lives Johannesburg, a city she loves for its “vibrancy and sense of possibility.”  Yolanda studied finance and economics, and works as a management consultant, specializing in organisational development and integration.

Yolanda is passionate about people’s dignity and the perseverance of the human spirit. “I’m most concerned about giving people hope and empowering them with tools that can help them build better lives and be the best versions of themselves.”

She enjoys reading, specifically African literature. Yolanda enjoys spending time in the kitchen with friends and family, and mixes the perfect gin and tonic.

Asked why she is excited to run the Two Oceans for ActionAid South Africa, Yolanda says that Cape Town is one of the world’s best cities and she is proud to be participating.

“I connect with ActionAid South Africa’s mission of assisting women. The theme ‘turning the tide’ struck a chord with me, as I believe that the ultimate objective of any aid initiative should be change things and not simply to provide temporary relief. Also, women are the most disadvantaged and vulnerable group of people, and I feel a sense of duty to do my bit.”

Yolanda wants to see communities being more supportive towards young women’s access to quality education. “I’d like young women to have choices and to have the wisdom to make choices that empower them and their communities.”

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