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Year after year, 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women comes and goes, but women’s lived experiences have not changed, and we’ve #HadItUpToHere!

One in three women experience some form of violence in their lifetime; 54% of women in South Africa are victims to domestic violence; South Africa has one of the highest sexual violence rates in the world; women cannot access the city and use public transport without fear or experience of violence; and gender responsive public services remain a dream for most women.

Women have #HadItUpToHere!

Molepo Mmanqopela (20) is a student from Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. She has #HadItUpToHere with rapists walking around without being punished. Molepo believes that police services are failing women and perpetrators are not served a just hand. She believes that a safe and gender responsive is one in which women and men are treated equally and no one is above the law.

File 36084Molepo Mmanqopela believes no one should be above the law.

Anelisa Matanzima (24) has #HadItUpToHere with government’s empty promises for better education and access to health services. She is also fed up with the violence and injustice women face every day. Anelisa believes that those commemorating 16 Days of Activism, should take to clinics, schools and male dominated spaces like taxi ranks to raise awareness about #SafeCitiesForWomen. Her vision of a safe city is one where women can walk to the taxi rank or shop without being abused by men who either say vulgar things or physically assault them.

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ActionAid South Africa puts women at the centre of its work, empowering them to become agents of change. We are supporting 1500 South African young women living in vulnerable situations to claim their human rights. Action Aid South Africa is also part of an international campaign called Safe Cities for Women because millions of women in South Africa cannot access or live in the city without fear or experience of violence, abuse and harassment. We want to make cities safe for women because the city belongs to everyone.

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