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Mining and Extractives

South Africa has the world’s fifth largest mining sector in terms of GDP value, with mineral reserves estimated to be R20.3- trillion. 


While the slave- like working condition of apartheid have been abated due to progressive post-apartheid labour legislation,  mine workers receive a minuscule share of the riches generated through the mining complex.

Mining Houses occupy a strategically important part of the south African economy and wield enormous political power and influence.While workers within mining communities are well represented through trade union many communities located to mines, bear the brunt of destructive extractives methods that impact negatively on environmental, health and economic conditions.

AASA Mining and extractives Programme Seek to Unite mining affected communities into a movement that will act as voice for effective policy regulation and governance to offer a counter balance to the unequal power relations in the sector and to contribute to building a women in mining organisation that will take up women’s issues in mining communities to support the establishment of the communities Mining Charter as an alternative to the existing Mining charter.