Since Indri’s father passed away two years ago, her mother has had to struggle to raise the family alone. Now life is even tougher as the monsoons have destroyed their home and many of the goats they rely on for food.


Indri comes from a village in Southern Pakistan where millions have been affected by the monsoons. Her village Roheeraro lies deep in the desert area and rarely experiences flooding. However this year Roheeraro was hit with over a month of heavy rainfall which destroyed homes, infrastructure, livestock and threatened lives.  

Indri explains:

I study in class three. My father has died and my mother takes care of us. We had five goats but two of these goats died during heavy rainfall a few days ago

Indri is also anxious about losing her home; “We are a poor family. It is very difficult for us to reconstruct our house.  My mother is sad and she says that Bhagwan (god) will help us and things will be better soon. I love my family, village and friends. We were very happy before the rain smashed our house. We have never before seen our parents so worried. I wish that our house will be rebuilt soon.”

ActionAid is helping to reconstruct buildings and the lives of families in Roheeraro. Indri is optimistic about the help her family will receive. “If our house is reconstructed in time, we can have a wonderful winter. My goats will soon have enough fodder and goats will provide us with milk. My mother says that our name has been entered in the list of those who will get support to reconstruct their houses.

ActionAid has been working in Indri’s area along with local partner group Sami Foundation. With the help of our supporters, we will help Indri and her family rebuild their lives.