Nothing to eat after floods swept away rice crops

Mrs. Le Thi Kieu, 50, is a poor widow who lives alone in Bong Thang 1 village, as her grown up children live in cities far away from the village.

Mrs. Le Thi Kieu has 1,000m² of rice paddy with which she can only do one rice crop and one green bean crop a year. These two crops bring her an income equivalent to 500kg of rice a year to cover her daily life needs.

During the last flood, in October 2010, her house was flooded up to the roof. All her rice stock was swept away and she had no food to eat left after the flood.

Fortunately, when ActionAid started its emergency response project in October 2010, members of AA Vietnam and the Volunteer Village Rescue Team were able to help Mrs. Le Thi Kieu and other villagers to safetly. 

Identified as being in particular need, Mrs. Le Thi Kieu was selected by the community to be a AA beneficiary, so she received a food package with 15kg of rice, 1 bottle of fish sauce, 1 bottle of cooking oil, 1 pack of cooking powder, 1 kg of dry fish.

This amount of food was enough for her for 1 month until she could begin to rebuild her life again. She said:

I want to thank ActionAid for supporting me. With the food I received, I was able to overcome the most difficult month after the flood.