Snow in the Middle East

As heavy snows falls across the Middle East Syrian refugees and those affected by the Gaza conflict are struggling to cope with the severe weather. Two people have already died from the cold and thousands are still living in temporary shelters and tents in temperatues below freezing.

Here's Hajer's story:

Hajer Ahmed Saleh, her husband and six children lost their home during the conflict in Gaza in the summer of 2014. They had been living in various overcrowded schools with hundreds of others who have lost their homes. Desperately wanting to return home the family cobbled together a temporary house in front of the remains of their bombed out home.

Ten years Hajer had sold her gold jewellery to help build her home, they saved for the best furnishing for their home, built a garden and slowly equipped it with a washing machine and fridge- none of this is left but she still owes the remaining instalments for some of the items.

Debt isn't Hajer's biggest concern now as she tries to keep her children warm, her three daughters and three sons are aged between two and nine years old. ActionAid has given the family vouchers to buy blankets, mattresses, jackets and shoes to try and keep them warm in their metal shelter. In November when the heavy rains bought flooding to Gaza the house overturned, they pulled it back together but who knows that the snow will bring.

File 27588Hajer Ahmed Saleh stands outside her destroyed home