A year after Haiyan, an ambulance boat saves lives

Malalison Island is surrounded by sparkling waters and beautiful sandy shores; it’s a 15 minute boat ride from main city of Culasi in Antique Province. The island is beautiful but there are still traces of poverty and the health service is really poor.

Typhoon Haiyan hit the island in 2013, highlighting the lack of access to basic health facilities. In the weeks and months after the typhoon which killed over 6,000 people across the Philippines, WeDPro and ActionAid consulted the women on the island. As a group they decided that a boat ambulance that they could use in emergencies and during disasters would be a life line for islanders.


The boat ambulance has oxygen, a stretcher, a first aid kit and  fire extinguisher and in the coming months WeDPro will be conducting training with community leaders on how to use the equipment and on emergency response.

Girlie, pregnant with her fifth child was the first to use the ambulance when she went into labour. It meant she was able to give birth safety in a hospital.

The boat ambulance is really a big help to us here Malalison, in fact my mother was the second beneficiary of the boat when she had a heart attack, she fell down and her head was bleeding that’s why we need to rush her to the hospital using the boat.

The boat ambulance is on standby 24/7 for emergencies and has responded to emergencies on neighbouring islands as well.

ActionAid is continuing to work with local partners in some of the hardest to reach places across the Philippines. Our work is supporting communities to recover from the typhoon and prepare for future disasters.

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