Strategy 2012-17: People’s Action to End Poverty

People’s Action to End Poverty

ActionAid is changing. We are moving on from just fighting against poverty – to working for long lasting solutions to poverty.

Our new strategy for 2012-2017, approved by our International Assembly in Tanzania in July 2011, commits us to advancing alternatives together with our partners and allies. 

In this new international strategy, which will frame our work for the next six years, we make ten key change promises against which we will hold ourselves to account: 

  1. securing women’s land rights
  2. promoting sustainable agriculture
  3. holding governments to account on public services 
  4. achieving redistributive resourcing of development 
  5. transforming education for girls and boys
  6. harnessing youth leadership to end poverty and injustice
  7. building people’s resilience to conflict and disaster
  8. responding to disasters through rights
  9. increasing women’s and girls’ control over their bodies
  10. generating women-centred economic alternatives 

We also lay organisational priorities: to  transform our leadership, improve our systems, diversify our income and harness the remarkable people-power of our staff, our committed Boards and Assemblies, our volunteers and supporters.  

To deliver on this new strategy we need to build deeper connections – linking people and movements across the planet and across issues, connecting our work locally, nationally and globally.  

And we need to strengthen our human rights based approaches – with a new emphasis on changing attitudes and behaviours, harnessing the power of mass communications and campaigning.

If you want to know more, you can download:

These materials will all be  available shortly in French, Spanish and Portuguese.