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ActionAid Tanzania Launches New Education Project

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 12:38

Recently, ActionAid Tanzania launched a new education project titled “Promoting Quality Education Through Progressive Domestic Resource Mobilisation”. The event took place in Dar-es-Salaam and brought together education stakeholders from the government, Tanzania Revenue Authority, Curriculum developers, National and International NGOs, implementing partners- Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET), Mtinko Education Development Organization (MEDO),Kilwa NGO’s Network(Kingonet), Education specialists from university of Dar es salaam and Open University, district education  representatives from Kilwa & Singida,  as well as the media.

The aim of the event was to enable education stakeholders reflect and deliberate on education situation in Public Primary Schools and the importance and power of tax in the provision of quality basic education as a human right .In addition the meeting aimed at establishing the national advisory committee to support project implementation.

While opening the event, AATZ Board Vice Chair Dr Azavel Lwaitama asserted to all participants that all children have the right to get quality basic education as a basic right and for this to succeed it needs a lot of investments. He advised participants to effectively engage in the discussion and generate recommendations that will enable the government to effectively collect revenues to finance education.

During the launch presentation were made from Ministry of education and Legal and Human Rights Centre in which both of them reflected on how education is accommodated as a right in policy and legal framework. Tax Justice Coalition also did presentation on the relationship between Tax and financing for quality social services

Among of Key issues raised by participant during discussions were challenges on strategies to support girls and disabled children to succeed in their education, challenge in the language of instructions, unavailability of current data on situation of education in Tanzania and sustainability of the free education implementation which started in January 2016.

The Norway’s Ambassador to Tanzania Her Excellence Hanne-Marie Kaarstad did the official launch of the project. On her speech she expressed her feelings about the event. “I am happy to see that the project combines two of the pivotal factors for Tanzania’s development and future which are education and resource mobilization. Its also encouraging to see many stakeholders have joined forces to make the project a reality”

She also added that to support quality education activities you need resources and progressive local resource mobilisation is an excellent way of achieving this goal. “The importance and power of tax in the provision of quality education as a human right should not be underestimated. This project ensures that funds collected locally go to the most valuable resource we have which is our schools and our children” .insisted Hanne-Marie

To mark the beginning of the project, ActionAid signed official Memorandum of Understanding with implementing partners TENMET, KINGONET and MEDO.

Finally, the National Advisory Committee was formed which included representative members from Ministry of Education, CSOs and Local Government Authorities. The committee will be responsible for overseeing and advising during   implementation of the project.

Promoting Quality Education is a three year project funded by Norwegian government through NORAD. It will be implemented by AATZ in collaboration with Tanzania Education Networks (TEN/MET), Kilwa NGO Network (KINGONET) and Mtinko Education Development Organization (MEDO).The overall goal of the project is to improve quality education for all children in public primary schools so that they get skills and knowledge to realize their full potentials in adulthood.