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All Staff Retreat - Navigating Change..Are We Fit For The Purpose

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 11:27

For many organisations, organising staff retreat provides time for management and staff to celebrate successes, reflect and explore new ideas that are aimed at improving individual and organizational efficiency.

In light of this, AATZ organised a retreat which brought together all staff across all operational areas and the head office to be able to critically reflect on programmatic, social and administrative issues related to strategic and operational matters. The retreat took place from 20th-24th March at Ledger Plaza, Dar-Es- Salaam.

The overall objectives for this years retreat among others were to provide space for staff to reflect on and develop common understanding on ActionAid Global Strategy (2018 – 2028 – Action for Global Justice), current organisational internal and external changes, for collective actions on the way forward. It was also aimed at promoting team building among staffs in order to build confidence and motivation among staffs

The retreat was designed in conjunction with a two days training on child rights principles then followed by other two days of broader organisational processes reflection including how to building new image for the organisation,security training, motivational speech, strengthening M&E systems,new global strategy etc.

The retreat also provided an opportunity for staff to discuss on the their SACCOs issues, social fund and women forum.

In his opening remarks the Country Director Mr Yaekob Metena emphasized to staff that retreat is also a moment to look back and reflect on key learnings and re-strategise to mirror our programme performance.

"Let us make a thorough analysis of our setback and allow adjustment for positive action plansand effective implementation of 2017 plans"..advised the country director

During the child rights principles session, staff were able learn on why the emphasis is being put on learning Child Rights base approaches,its foundation and gaps in actionaid Tanzanian in applying the principles.

However,as AATZ is doing human rights advocacy, reflection and awareness on security issues was also given priority during the retreat.Staff were taken through human rights defenders protection and its importance, how to scan risks in working environment and security stakeholders analysis.

On how to build a positive image for the organisation staff proposed the following; Ensure accountability to the community that we are working, documenting success and sharing with the communities, talk positively on organisation to outsiders, abide with organisation values, policies and standard, Improve communication within the organization, contribute to the success of the organization and achieve its goal, emphasise on mutual trust, honest and good relationship (staff need to change their attitude, be constructive and open to pears and colleagues.

Apart from working sessions and meetings, staff also had time for social activities in the evenings including playing football, jogging, swimming all of which aimed at building team work and having fun together.

AATZ Board Vice Chair Dr Azavel Lwaitama during his closing remarks on behalf of the Board appreciated the management for making the retreat successful as this has created a space for collective reflection.

He also emphasized key issues to staff including a need to Improve efficiency in programme implementation through monitoring and showing impact, Following up and abiding to organisational rules and procedures that hold us accountable, supporting management efforts to transform the organization, Contribute in building effective organizational image by maintaining team work spirit etc.