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AATZ Mourns The Loss of Board Member Mr Sheha Mohammad Sheha

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 15:46

The sad news heard from Pemba Island, Zanzibar on day-break of April 26, 2017 was shocking to ActionAid Tanzania family. Mr Sheha, who committed himself to serve ActionAid Tanzania as Board member since 2011 and as a General Assembly member since July 2015 passed away in the evening of Tuesday April 25, 2017. He was a dedicated person who contributed much in furthering ActionAid’s mission of fighting poverty and injustice.

ActionAid Tanzania Board and the management are indeed aware of the struggle Mr Sheha had to recover from the sickness he encountered quite for long including attending series of medical treatments in-country and abroad until he finally gave up.

The Board & the management made closer follow up to his conditions including making occasional calls to him and visiting him at his Pemba home. Across all these difficult days, Mr Sheha remained connected to the organization’s tasks.

Mr Sheha’s funeral was carried out on April 27, 2017 near his residence in Pemba in the presence of his family, relatives and friends. At the funeral, ActionAid Tanzania was represented by Mr Omar Salim, the Pemba LRP representative. As the funeral was done on the day ActionAid received the information on his death, no one could attend it from the Board or the senior management team due to shortage of time. 

On 28th April Dr Azavel Lwaitama vice Board Chair and the Country Director mr Yaekob Metena travelled to Pemba to visit Sheha’s family to show sympathy and express condolence on behalf of ActionAid Tanzania family. 

In conversations made, the team expressed the organization’s sadness on Sheha’s death and shared sympathy including recognizing Sheha’s dedicated contributions to ActionAid’s works across the difficult times in the organization journey.

During the visit, certificate of appreciation to Sheha’s service was handed over to his wife. The certificate indeed was issued on March 18, 2017 during the Board’s regular meeting to recognize his contribution as Board member from February 17, 2011 – July 25, 2015. The Board intended to hand it over to him physically but his death came early.

After receiving the certificate and listening to conversations, Sheha’s wife said ‘Sheha lived for good causes & remained optimistic for better future. The entire family appreciates ActionAid for recognizing his contributions’.