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National Dialogue on Domestic Resource Mobilisation For Quality Education

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 11:46

In an effort to take forward the agenda of promoting quality education through domestic resource mobilisation, ActionAid Tanzania(AATZ) in collaboration with TEN/MET organised a two days national dialogue with key stakeholders in education.

The dialogue aimed at contributing to the efforts of building strong national coalitions, teachers unions and well informed a civil society movement that is able to hold governments to account for progressive tax reforms that will lead to increased spending on public education both to increase access and quality of education.

During the dialogue there was plenary discussion and presentations from various presenters including Tax loss updates from interfaith committee by Grace Masalakulangwa which indicated that Tanzania is losing around 1.83 billion /year from tax incentives,tax evasion and illicit finacial flows. Other issues on presentation were an analysis of the financial and resource gaps in the Education Sector budget, FY 2017/18 by Haki elimu and possibility of integrating tax education in Primary and Ordinary level Secondary education in Tanzania.

In concluding the dialogue main deliberations agreed were how TTU and other educational CSOs can stand together to advocate on improving the quality of education especially on areas of empowerment, networking , information sharing and joint advocacy.

ActionAid -Tanzania has been implementing the Project titled ‘Promoting Quality Education through Progressive Domestic Resource Mobilization’. This is a multi-country education and tax justice project that brings together 6 different countries (Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal and Tanzania) working towards a commonly shared goal which is to ensure that children (especially girls) have improved access to free public education of a high standard, financed through greater government support and increases in fair tax revenue. The project is funded by NORAD.