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Women Farmers Speak out on Land Ownership

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 12:43

Last month AATZ under Public Financed For Agriculture (PFA) project held Agriculture stakeholders dissemination meeting at Dodoma. The meeting was well attended by different agriculture stakeholders in the district including smallholder farmers groups, ward and village leaders, and agriculture experts at district level, media and CBO representatives.The meeting was organised to provide a platform for stakeholders to get feedback of the project baseline survey and social audit exercise reports which were conducted in Chamwino district.

During discussions of findings women farmers expressed boldly that for long time they had been facing a challenge of land ownership which is also affecting agriculture activities they are doing. “We want to increase our production but we cant access financial support because we don’t have title deeds which we can use as collateral in loan applications”..said anastacia mabeja

Farmers further wanted to know why the district council is not giving the 10% to women and youth groups which could have helped them in financing their activities.

In his response Samuel Kaweya Council chairperson told stakeholders that the district council recognises the issue but they failed to allocate it accordingly due to limited resource.

“Currently we are depending on internal sources only in running the council activities and also we have not received development funds from central government for a long time. But we believe as things continues to improve soon we will start to give the loans”. added mr Kaweya

On the findings of the social audit report stakeholders agreed that record keeping,lack of community members ownership in the projects has been a major hindrance to the success of the public project in the district.“Its very disappointing to see the project which has been financed using tax payers money is completed but is not used as intended”complained one of participants.

They advised that if community members are effectively involved in all stages of the projects it will help to increase the ownership and effective implementation for the benefit of the whole community

On their side district officials explained that knowledge and skills on implementation of public projects is still needed to community members for its sustainability of projects.

“The responsibility of government is to design the projects in collaboration with community members, looking for donors and providing technical advise.But the main implementers are community members through project commitees in their villages”said Sophia from Chamwino District

In his closing remarks the representative of District Executive director commended AATZ for conducting the baseline and social audit. “We appreciate for this feedback to us because we have to address the issues raised.This is like a mirror to us we will use to look at ouservelve.. We will work with all stakeholders to make sure all the projects are being implemented for the intended benefit”.Concluded Ag. District Executive Director.