ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Partners we work with

Our Partners in the Areas We Work


In Arusha, ActionAid Tanzania works with Community Research and Development Centre (CORDS), an organisation established to address some of the challenges that pastoral communities face in the Maasai region. CORDS works to secure land and human rights for pastoralists through participatory approaches aimed at empowering the poor and marginalised to participate in local decision-making. Since 1999, the organisation has worked with and secured 71 Village Land Certificates and thus is highly regarded by local authorities as well as ordinary people.           

Also in Arusha, ActionAid Tanzania also works with HakiKazi Catalyst, a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation committed to achieving social and economic justice. HakiKazi Catalyst has since 2000 worked to empower marginalised communities to influence policies and practises for economic and social justice. In particular, it has achieved significant results within community empowerment, operationalisation of government policies as well as knowledge and know-how on PETs and evidence based accountability. ActionAid Tanzania works with HakiKazi Catalyst to ensure that the local government authorities bring about agriculture development responding to needs identified by ordinary women and men according to the laws and Agriculture Sector Development Programme.


In Bagamoyo, ActionAid Tanzania offers collaborative support to the poor i.e. farmers, fishers, women, people living with HIV/AIDS, and the children so as to facilitate them to advocate and claim for their rights as a means to addressing and finally eradicating the structural and underlying causes of poverty. Efforts to empower women to influence decisions and build economic power are also a key focus in Bagamoyo.

We also work with NARAMATISHO, a grassroots umbrella organisation established in 2003 that brings together a number of pastoralist cooperatives in the Bagamoyo district. The aim of NARAMATISHO is to improve the livelihoods of pastoralists, many of whom have become marginalised due to population growth, increased speculation and environmental degradation.


In Chamwino, ActionAid Tanzania engages with the communities and various stakeholders in the areas of agriculture and food security, education and women’s rights. Poor and excluded farmers are organized into strong and vibrant cooperative societies. Community mobilization is carried out and cooperative societies and women groups are organized. Constructions of school classrooms and girls hostels have been completed through the assistance of ActionAid Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam

In Dar es Salaam, ActionAid Tanzania partners with the Coalition of Teacher’s Resource Centres (TRCC), a democratic umbrella organisation representing the interests of 410 local Teachers’ Resource Centres (TRCs) in Tanzania. TRCC’s focus is on supporting the academic and professional development of teachers and, in doing so, the quality of education in schools across Tanzania. It aims to empower TRCs through networking, lobbying and advocacy, and to develop a common resource centre to promote the exchange of information, skills and technology for teachers.


In Kibaha, ActionAid Tanzania partners with Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC), a national organisation established in 2003 that aims to widen the space for youth participation in local politics and to strengthen youth political consciousness. Through voters’ education, public debates and support to youth candidates in local and national elections, YPC attempts to change the political culture that prevents youth from influencing and accessing local politics.


ActionAid Tanzania’s activities in Kigoma began in 1998 at the Ilagala Development Area (DA), in areas of education, HIV/AIDS and food security. ActionAid Tanzania is engaged with farmers’ cooperatives to address the need for government support, extension services and entry into markets; women’s groups to address issues of early pregnancies and early marriages, violence against women, and rights to property and inheritance; and raising awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Kilimanjaro and Manyara

ActionAid Tanzania has partnered with Maarifa ni Ufunguo (Knowledge is the Key), a non-governmental organisation based in Arusha working in the field of education and development under the ‘Transforming Education for Girls in Nigeria and Tanzania’ (TEGINT) project commencing in 2008, in 6 districts of three regions (Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara) in the northern part of Tanzania.. TEGINT is working in Tanzania and Northern Nigeria, run by Maarifa ni Ufunguo in Tanzania, and CAPP in Nigeria. The project is supported by ActionAid and funded by Comic Relief and the Tubney Charitable Trust.


In Kisarawe, ActionAid Tanzania partners with Vijana Vision Tanzania (VVT), a non-governmental organisation founded in 2000 that aims to build youth participation in development in Tanzania, with a particular emphasis on environmental issues and sustainable development. It also works in community-based natural resource management, having established a network of four villages surrounding the Kisarawe natural forest that regulates the use of forest resources.


In Kibaya, Kiteto, ActionAid Tanzania partners with KINNAPA Development Programme, a non-profit organisation formed in 1990 which works to improve the quality of life of pastoralists, hunter-gatherers and small-scale agriculturalists in the Kiteto and Simanjiro districts. KINNAPA is working on gender equality; livestock and agricultural development; water supply and sanitation; environmental management; and education.


The majority of the population in Kilwa depends on agriculture and fishing as their main source of income and livelihood. ActionAid Tanzania aims at contributing to the reduction of poverty of the Kilwa community through: the strengthening of farmers to mobile and organize primary cooperative societies; increase women’s participation in cooperative processes; promote value addition technologies of processing cashew nuts; contribute towards the Tanzanian government’s efforts in improving the quality of education in the district; support the adequacy and accessibility of health services; and increase community understanding of HIV/AIDS.


ActioAid Tanzania in Liwale is involved with mainly farmers, working in strengthening their engagement in lobbying and advocating for their participation in local crops marketing processes. 


Situated in eastern Tanzania, ActionAid Tanzania in Mafia works in mobilization, organization and awareness rising to enable communities to understand their challenges and develop actions for long-term sustainable development.


ActionAid Tanzania’s seventh DA has been working in Mkuranga since 2004 and is a child sponsorship DA supported by sponsors from the United Kingdom. ActionAid Tanzania’s approach is to contextualise policy issues and fasten participatory dialogues through policy advocacy by creating and anchoring a strong platform for the voice of the voiceless community through community institutions to be heard.


ActionAid works with the Morogoro Paralegal Centre (MPLC), a non-governmental organisation which was established in 1993 on the initiative of the Women’s Legal Aid Centre. MPLC’s long term goal is to contribute to poverty reduction among women and children in Morogoro Region by addressing laws and customs that suppress women and children’s rights and by promoting human and legal rights education. ActionAid Tanzania has partnered with MPLC since 2004, supporting the project in administration (office/training/salaries); the construction of Village Land Registries (VLRs) and Village Land Councils (VLCs); training of paralegals; and awareness-raising through theatre and mass media campaigns based around radio broadcasts.


In Newala, ActionAid Tanzania works with the communities in empowering them to address issues on rights to education, rights to medication for HIV/AIDS, and building up confident women in communities who go on to become leaders in their communities, as well as being financially stable.


ActionAid Tanzania works with various partners in advocating for extension services, farm inputs and access to markets; lobbying and advocating for government accountability and transparency in providing health services; help form children’s clubs in schools for students to address pertinent challenges and issues, and build classrooms; and train women on rights.


Situated in southern-east of Tanzania, ActionAid Tanzania’s activities in Tandahimba district includes empowering the poor and excluded and their organizations to claim their rights to affordable inputs and access to markets of their cash crops; ensure access to favourable environments for education; strengthen women and the capacities of their organizations for mobilization and involvement in development processes in their areas; conduct training and raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA); and address accountability of governing structures.


In Tanga, ActionAid Tanzania partners with Tanga Youth and Development Association (TAYODEA), a democratic umbrella organisation representing the interests of youth in the Tanga Region. It was founded in 2000 with the aim of engaging youth in social, political and economic development activities, by seeking to strengthen youth participation in decision-making processes, build youth leadership, and create accountability.


ActionAid Tanzania is situated in Zanzibar, consisting of two Program areas which are located in the North regions of Pemba and Unguja Islands. ActionAid works with communities as its main partners through their organizations; Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Community Development Facilitators (CFDs) have managed to cover the whole North regions of Unguja and Pemba with about 64 and 58 shehias/villages respectively.