ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

I have to say from the onset that am not an activist as such… fact I don’t have the grace, power and consistency to be one but I am a social noisemaker.I really get bothered by social evils that affect masses.

So last night I was watching the news as Government of Kenya spokesman Alfred Mutua responds to the drought situation and had I been near him I have to admit that I would have thrown a shoe or spat on him.

When he was talking I pictured images of starving people their ears glued to perhaps the only radio in the village hoping to hear hope from the government spokesman. Images of children clutching empty plates, and looking thin and emaciated. I saw sullen faces of mothers struggling to live to the next day listening to news hoping they will  get a solution to the hunger and then all Alfred could come up with was, the government doesn’t have direct lines to God to ask Him to send more rain, it’s sad the rain has failed. Am not sure how the starving folks were feeling but a sharp pain engulfed me. I felt insulted, ridiculed and forgotten. And with them I wept. This was one of those days that made me realize how patriotic I was and how serious I am with life.

The drought that Kenya is witnessing is perennial. We were warned early enough by the weather man but we did not heed. It is not something that has taken us by surprise. Instead of tackling the problem, all he could say was that the Government was not even aware of anyone who has died out of hunger and if they are there then they are not Kenyans.

It’s true the Government does not have direct lines to God as Mutua says but at least it has money to drill boreholes and find solutions to this problem.

Kenya is today importing food from countries like Malawi instead of producing its own. Malawi’s geographical land is about 118,484 square kilometer while that of Kenya is estimated to be around 580,000. Much of this land is wasted.

Our leaders must learn from this country and stop polluting the platforms with politics.

I think the likes of Alfred Mutua owe Kenyans better answers and solutions. Sending relief food and providing 1000litres of water per week is not it. We need action. Leaders must put politics aside and solve the hunger crisis.