ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


Fair and accountable government is crucial to ending poverty and promoting human rights in Tanzania.

ActionAid Tanzania empowers people, especially women, youth and the socially excluded groups, to engage with government at both local and national level to gain influence on the political decision making process and ensure accountability.

To ensure good governance and people’s participation in policy making, ActionAid Tanzania works within Public Accountability and Land Accountability:

  • Public Accountability aims to improve services provided by district and sub-district government authorities through enhanced public influence on political decision-making, as well as development planning process, accountability work and the Internet;
  • Land Accountability aims to secure women and the poor’s access to and control over land through meaningful public participation in the local land administration, improved access to information systems and the Internet.  

In order to enable people to claim their rights and question those in power, ActionAid Tanzania works at several levels of the policy making processes.

Local: by training people to understand, monitor and track budgets, ActionAid Tanzania enables communities to work together to hold organisations to account, from schools to health authorities, local councils or the national government.

ActionAid Tanzania works to hold those in power accountable for their impact upon poor people, and works with strategic partners within national alliances – for example the Tanzanian Land Alliance – to influence and challenge national policy making.

Land Accountability

ActionAid Tanzania's work on land accountability involves the Tanzania Land Portal, a platform of information on issues related to land in Tanzania. The aim of the Land Portal is to aggregate all information on land matters in Tanzania and make it easily available to all interested parties.

The Land Portal also provides space for interaction and collaboration between agents engaged on issues related to land – it being practical implementation, research and policy work.

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