Background to the Tax Power campaign

Tax money pays for public schools, hospitals and clinics, roads, power and water. Yet every year, developing countries lose billions of dollars in revenue to tax dodging multinational companies, and governments handing out tax breaks to them. The scale is shocking.

Multinational companies find ways to avoid paying tax. Governments offer them tax breaks, sometimes due to pressure from companies, in return for their investment. A vast network of well-paid lawyers, accountants and executives help them get around the tax systems that were created especially to fund public services and democratic structures. Companies are taking much more from communities than they are giving.

But there is hope. Our campaign calls for multinational corporations to pay their taxes in poor countries, and for governments to use this money to promote development and decent public services for impoverished people.

ActionAid shows how this can be achieved through:

  • Ending corporate tax dodging
  • Stopping harmful tax incentives
  • Increasing transparency of big corporations and governments