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Story of Change: The True Value of Being an Organic Farmer

Monday, April 18, 2016 - 11:58

Miss Panisa Auphaad also known as Aom is a 27-year old and a young farmer from Khon Kaen Province. In June 2015, she joined the Sustainable Agriculture of ActionAid Thailand and since then she has been an inspirator to her fellow young farmers in Khon Kaen. Her dedication to the programme has been demonstrated in the area of capacity building, building networks and establishing large number of new organic farmers.

After completing her High School, Aom was not able to continue her education as her father would like her to stay at home.  However, she decided to explore opportunities in Bangkok and fortunately she found a job as an accounting assistant and sales person.

After four years in Bangkok, she decided to go back home and helps her parents in managing their farm. At the beginning, she questioned her father for not using chemical fertilizer like others. After Her father showed her an alternative way of farming it was an eye opening and great learning as organic farming reduces expenditure, nurtures the natural cycle of our environment and produces safe and healthy food.

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In the event of food and health exhibit in Bangkok, Aom met the staff of the Alternative Agriculture Network. She finds the alternative agriculture very interesting, so she decided to join the Alternative Agriculture Network, she then benefited to different activities being offered such as Training Skills on Facilitation and Communication, workshop on the impact of World Economy and Agriculture Policy, organic farming, selecting and breeding Morning Glory seeds, etc. This learning has been shared to her fellows, including to the Khon Kaen Green Market Group where she later became a member. It is worth celebrating the works of this group, such as the creation of Market Area in Khon Khaen; influencing the decision of the Municipal Government; collaboration with the Tumbon in the promotion of “One Tumbon, One Product”; increasing members from different civil society groups; improving and standardizing methods, enhancing information sharing; influencing policy development; and creating various platforms. 

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It is worth noting that Khon Kaen Green Market Group has set standard for green product by giving Green Label for 100% organic products and Yellow label for safe products and it was recognized by the Khon Kaen Municipality.

Through ActionAid Thailand and its local partner, Aom has improved her capacity in organic farming, managing resources and people, and turn out to be a Woman Leader as she is now serving the of Khon Kaen Green Market Group as a Secretary.

 “The value of being an organic farmer cannot be measured with money but producing safe and healthy products to people is worth beyond monetary value” Aom said.