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ActionAid Thailand's Booth at Tesco Lotus Fortune Town 1-7 Feb 17

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 23:20

Many small schools were created by the communities who built the schools so that their children had the opportunities to be educated. The government took over the schools later. Much depends on management. A well managed school that receives wholehearted supports from the community, the children's education are more likely to be well rounded, at a school near their homes.

If you give your wholehearted support to ActionAid Thailand, we will be able to channel your enthusiasm to the small schools and help them retain their independence. A merged and closed small school may mean that some children are never be able to receive any more education in their lives.

Come to see us at our booth. We are at Tesco Lotus Fortune Town during 1-7 February 2017, on the street entrance before the checkout lanes. Help us to help the small schools.