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Emergency responses

On November 1, 2010 a tropical depression, which was about to become a cyclone, hit the southern part of Thailand causing a heavy storm and flash floods in many areas including the three southernmost provinces.

As we were already working in the three southernmost provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat on a project of community reinforcement in the conflict areas, we formed a flood rapid assessment and response team. We did this with the with the help of our International Emergencies and Conflict Team (IECT).

The floods put a large number of poor families into a food insecurity situation. They became dependent on external aid for their food over the flooding period. Every year, without this severe flooding, the people could normally meet their immediate food needs and cope with the unemployment situation.

The floods and poor management of the aid system have threatened their livelihoods. People whose houses were partly or totally damaged had to stay by their homes, or what was left of them, and wait for government or NGO support to repair or rebuild their them. Consequently they weren't able to sustain their incomes as most jobs are found outside the community.

Working together with local partners, we conducted two missions to deliver relief to the area. By identifying the flood-affected areas which were neglected from the governmental emergency response, we delivered packages of food and other supplies to affected people in order to fill the response gaps. 

The flood response team covered 22 villages in four districts of the aforementioned southern provinces where 1,100 sets of relief packages were distributed with constant focus on the right of the most vulnerable groups and emphasis on equal opportunities for women, the elderly and disabled.