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With the support from the two key players, the European Union as the funder and ActionAid Thailand as the rational actor, the project, ‘Empowerment is a Process; De-marginalisation of Hill Communities in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Provinces’, has established as a 4-year project (1 July 2013-30 June 2017) to overcome some of the challenges of Thailand’s decentralization process, specifically those impacting the rights and participation of minority groups-the hill communities in northern Thailand. 

The project build upon the existing work of local government authorities and civil society for the de-marginalization of the target communities through strategies to increase their engagement in local government processes, and ensure their social and a voice in seeking accountability and resources for improved environmental governance, a major issue affecting the region and impacting the livelihood of the target communities. The project targeted to work in 24 hill communities from 2 sub-districts in Chiang Rai, Terd Thai and Phatuang, and Chiangdao sub-district in Chiang Mai province.

ActionAid Thailand committed to lead capacity building processes to partners, Hill Area Community Development Foundation (HADF) and The Thai Local Authority Association (AC) and 24 Community volunteers in promoting sustainable inclusive of hill communities in sub-district and provincial development process. Partners will implemented project activities in human-rights based manner to build capacity of villagers. Leaders and elected local authority members will ensure community need priority is raised, responded and accessed the local government fund. 72 young students from local university will be recruited and trained to work in-pair with community volunteer to stimulate community development planning sessions.