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Thailand is an agricultural country, and modern agriculture has expanded rapidly and extensively across the country with heavy investments in agricultural machinery and chemicals.This may increases production, but high costs of fuel and chemical fertilizer inputs as well as negative effects on health and environments have made many agriculturalists worse off. Many small-scale farmers have lost their lands to bigger businesses. Overall, the agricultural sector in Thailand is unstable due to land loss, debt, misuse of natural resources, lack of marketing knowledge, and health problems. 

With these concerns, ActionAid Thailand works with Sustainable Agricultural Foundation and networksto promote organic farming that is friendly to the ecology and the health of the consumers. We support young farmers’ capacity building on effective farming technology such as local seed breeding, and sharing of experiences for replication of best practices and lessons learned among them. We advocate and participate in ASEAN platforms to promote food security,protection of agriculturalists’ rights, and farmer’s exchange programs, which are most useful to young farmers and their communities.

Sustainable Agriculture
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