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ActionAid select partners after a thorough appraisal process

Monday, July 7, 2014 - 13:25

On Saturday July 5th, New Vision wrote an article accusing ActionAid Uganda (AAU) of not using proper selection criteria when choosing organisations to partner with, and also when electing new board members. The article is based on falsehoods put forward anonymously by a person alleged to be a staff member.

It is disgraceful that New Vision is hiding behind anonymous sources while publishing lies aimed at defaming an organisation that has a track record in service to the people of Uganda since 1982. Arthur Larok has been nothing but an inspirational, hardworking and honest leader, and these accusations can only be coming from people who would like to hinder the good work that ActionAid continues to do in Uganda.

The two new board members elected by AAUs General Assembly in June 2014 were both suggested by the board in form of a motion as provided for in our internal policies. They were ultimately endorsed by the General Assembly. They replaced members who retired at the end of 2013. The process was completely open and transparent and there was absolutely no secrecy, as the New Vision article states.

The article also claims that the former Programmes Director left the organisation because she questioned the way AAU handled the recent renewals of partnerships. However, there is no connection whatsoever: the former Director of Programmes left ActionAid in October – several months before AAU had finalized assessing its partnership agreements and due process was followed in her departure. 

All partnerships at AAU are subjected to an appraisal process done by a selected committee depending on the level: district, national, regional and international. ActionAid later validates and approves the findings of the committee; a thorough process that AAU finalized in April 2014. Hence, it is very far from the truth, when the New Vision article suggests that the Country Director selects partner organisations without pre assessment.

It is very unfortunate, that a media agency of New Vision’s repute chooses to print an article based on a source that demands anonymity and propagating falsehoods. The doors to the senior management’s offices are always open to any credible person who seeks accurate information or has concerns about ActionAid.

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