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Community participation is not a spectator sport.

Monday, August 8, 2016 - 10:46

By Vellim Nyama.

The clean-up campaigns that were initiated by activista groups in Pallisa district made one to start to think that community development is no longer a Spector sport. People from all walks of life that had an opportunity to join the event were welcome. Even though everyone was welcome some just took a bystander approach as youths were cleaning the mighty Pallisa town.

The zeal shown by youths during this campaign could make one to have a feeling that youths are now taking their vintage stage through encouraging other community members to participate in their good initiatives. During this exercise as I was talking with some youths one of them vividly said to me after the activista launch in Pallisa they were challenged to do something for themselves as well as their community. From that conversation I had another thought that, the launch acted as a big push that one developmental theorist Paul Rosentein-Rodan 1943, talks about that third world countries need for them to be developed. Thanks to Pallisa LRP for that big push to the youths.

Gone are the days of leaving community participation to a particular group as everyone is now demanding a share in community development. The youths were mostly left out as they were considered as spectators in development are now demanding to be included in most positions they think they can take part as leaving them behind, is leaving a critical component of population. Community participation is now a right that one is fully entitled to and not a spectator sport. With the involvement of everyone in community development projects will be sustainable.