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Meet Nakitende Esther- the Minister of Education that Uganda needs!

Meet Nakitende Esther- the Minister of Education that Uganda needs!

samanya.kyategeka 18 April 2016

File 33645Nakitende Esther

Your excellency the president,  the High commissioners and ambassadors, Hon Members of parliament, Ministers, Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

As the newly appointed Minister of Education and Sports, I want  us all to listen to the various changes that am going to make in the Education sector to redeem the future of Uganda.

Over the decades, the plight of teachers has been neglected.. This financial year, Iam going to ensure that their monthly salary is increased by 50%. Am talking about a top up of only 150000/= per teacher.  Still on the teachers welfare, am working day and night to see to it that the teachers and their families get free quality medical care. Please note the word quality in this statement.

Your excellences, if the teachers continue to be unhappy, the entire nation will be half baked. These changes are hence  not subject to dialogue but to implementation.

 Secondly, Verbal and documented  reports reaching  my ears indicate that the girl chid drop out rate from school is alarming. It’s a shame that even the district Women representation in parliament has not found a lasting solution to this problem. Members of the community are impregnating school girls like there are no grown unmarried women. Am going to follow up such cases until justice is realised for the girl child. I stand to warn all male species in this nation, keep off the girl child. I repeat, keep off the girl child.

Mr president, thank you so much for introducing Universal Primary Education. However, as discussed with you earlier, am calling for a complete overhauling for the entire project. I have tasked my technical team to base on the several reports both by Government and non Government actors that have been made about the system to come up with a new UPE strategic plan for implementation. However, we should be ready to increase its funding. Less than a dollar per child every term is the greatest joke of the system.

I want to announce here that am not only a cabinet Minister but also a member of Parliament. Am going to offer all my monthly earnings as a legislator to schools for the construction of girls sanitary facilities and a small allowance to the senior Women teachers. Am calling upon officials, who earn more than one salary to follow suit. Let us invest this money in education for the future Uganda deserves.

Am calling upon your cooperation. It’s the only option at hand. You either work with me to redeem our education sector for Uganda’s bright future  or I work against You for the same.

I thank you very much.

Photo: samanya R. Kyategeka