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ActionAid Uganda signs to UGX7Billion Project with DGF!

ActionAid Uganda signed a three year seven Billion Contract with the DGF in a project aimed at enhancing the Country’s Governance structures. This is a show of the confidence that the DGF has in ActionAid, despite the Police siege of AAU late last year. In fact, DGF stated that they look forward to the usual ActionAid innovative programs that will contribute to eradicating Social Injustice in the Country. Congratulations AAU!

ActionAid Uganda has won Funding from the Democratic Governance Facility aimed at enhancing the democratic systems in the Country.The over seven Billion contract that was signed this morning by DGF and ActionAid is a show of confidence that the funding partner has in the organisation, despite the siege by the police mid last year.

“We congratulate ActionAid for winning this grant and look forward to your usually excep-tional work in improving the governance structures in our Country”, stated the DGF official.

ActionAid Uganda Governing Board Chairperson, Nicholas Opiyo appreciated the confi-dence and trust that DGF has in ActionAid and committed to ensure clean accountabilities but most importantly working to make a positive impact on the Governance of the country.

Charles Mulozi, the Project Coordinator Governance and Social Accountability at AAU in charge of the coordination of this three year project stated that while Uganda exhibits key features of a democratic system such as regular elections, decentralization and multi-party system of governance; there is an increasing sense of exclusion, weak checks and bal-ances between government organs, lack of accountability and transparency, political pat-ronage, corruption and disillusioned citizens.

“ This project seeks to enhance the interaction between citizens and the government for more responsive, transparent, and accountable leadership that prioritizes the development interests of citizens”, he said.

The project will be pursued through a broad range of actions to address the demand and supply side of accountability including: promoting access to information, monitoring deliv-ery of public services particularly health, education, and agriculture, facilitating citizen ac-tions against corruption, advocating for better resourcing of local governments for their improved responsiveness. The project shall also foster human rights and ensure account-ability of the state and corporate entities in the extractives industry.

The project is aligned to the DGF II vision that seeks to empower citizens to engage in democratic governance and promotion of citizens’ rights.

ActionAid Uganda has been receiving funding from the DGF for the last six years. Chris-tine Aboke, AAU’s Country Director commended the staff who worked day and night to ensure that we have this win