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Country Director’s Annual Message-2015:Business as usual’ is NOT an option!

It is exactly three years and 1 week since I took up the mantle and responsibility of leading ActionAid Uganda after signing a 3 year Contract. Together with you all and with the incredible support from the Board, I have presided over three rewarding years for the organisation. On account of what we have achieved together and the positive direction in which we are moving in, the Board has given me an opportunity to serve a second and last term of 5 years as Country Director, an honour I have accepted with humility.In the last years, I have prepared and shared with you a New Year’s Message, reviewing the year and setting forth the agenda and priorities for the year ahead. This year, I have called it an Annual Message and it covers not just developments in the past year but also a forecast for the one ahead. It also includes a deeper reflection of my three years at ActionAid as well as my new and renewed commitments for the second and last term as Country Director of ActionAid Uganda.The theme I have chosen for this Annual Message - ‘Business as Usual is NOT an Option’ - reflects not just my persuasion but also a reality in our operating context from the local to global levels. Development is facing strains globally as the operating environment (internal and external) for especially NGOs is getting murkier and financing is suffering a double tragedy of a difficult economic situation. Millions of our former sponsors largely in the west, as well as West and a development financing paradigm that continues to favour a move to private sector - (read commercial profit) oriented trajectory. A Business as Usual Approach in these circumstances is therefore not an option!