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CSPIV and Organisational Effectiveness Change Management Plan

In February 2015, AAU embarked on a process of conducting a midterm review of the implementation of its Country Strategy Paper (CSP IV) as well as areview of its efficiency in delivering its work. The review team (consultants) completed this assignment and submitted their reports which contained anumber of recommendations aimed at: 1) enhancing possibility of achieving CSP IV objectives by 2017 and; 2) enhancing the delivery capability of AAU.This Change Management Plan is thus aimed at enabling AAU implement the findings and recommendations of the midterm and organisational efficiencyreview in a well-structured and flawless manner. It will also guide AAU on how best to successfully implement the last half of the CSP IV (2015-2017) withmore efficient and effective structure, systems, procedures, processes and approach. Internally there are changes that have arisen from the review process justconcluded that will entail adjustments and realignment of our programmes and the way we are organised at the different levels.