ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


  1. Sustainable Livelihoods. Women and food rights. Who can study on an empty stomach. cannibalizing land. Mp's facing an unknown reality in the field. Climate change adaption.
  2. Tax Injustice!
  3. Images of transformed lives and societies in Uganda for that past 30years of ActionAid service . 
  4. 30 years of Service for Human Dignity and still going strong. ActionAid Uganda Annual Report 2012
  5. Stop theft of labourers' money and create a quality economy.
  6. Not just a man’s world. This issue delves into the key gender issues in the oil and gas industry, highlighting the possible ways in which oil activities may affect women differently from men. It...
  7. Our Children are not learning. Theft of Public resources is robbing our Country of quality Education and a future.
  8. ActionAid Uganda special newsletter on International Women's Day. Read about the unpaid care work that women are doing for "nothing".Meet the survivors and the people behind Gender Based Violence...
  9. Our Health is lost to theft!
  10. ActionAid Uganda has carried out a project in Pallisa and Bwaise where men and women redistributed and shared the unpaid care work. The results show that both men and women are benefiting and that...
  11. Uganda is not an Island
  12. This report examines the tax practices of one of the world’s largest food multinationals, the Associated British Foods (ABF) group, in one of the most impoverished places in which it operates. ABF...
  13. Young Ugandans reject theft!
  14. Citzens Action Aganist theft of our money without SHAME!
  15. Enough is Enough! Action against theft of public money! Read about the first Black Monday when civil society mourned the Ugandan lives lost to corruption.
  16. Stories of Change! A special edition on the changes that the forefront of ActionAid, our 77 implementing partners, create every day in the communities. 
  17. About the impact of our work, and the paradoxes. Praised by the citizens, but not the leaders.
  18. It's all about the money! Ten key questions on oil revenue 
  19. Land disputes in the oil-rich regions are often complex, but two things seem clear: oil discovery has encouraged opportunists, and many ordinary people are cursing.